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Getting Ready for Online Learning

Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Point Park offers a range of online learning options. Before registering for an online program or class, you should be confident about your computer and study skills. Assess your readiness skills right now:

  • I know how to connect to the Internet using a web browser.
  • I can navigate the Internet and know how to use search engines.
  • I know how to send and receive email using the email system of my choice.
  • I know how to do basic word processing, including cutting and pasting.
  • I know how to open, save and manage files.
  • I have access to a reliable computer with a high speed connection five to seven days per week.
  • I checked the technology requirements, and my computer meets the basic requirements for online classes.
  • I have 12 to 15 hours a week to work on each online class.
  • I can motivate myself to log in to my Blackboard classroom several times a week.
  • I have good reading comprehension and written communication skills, and I enjoy communicating in writing.
  • I enjoy figuring things out on my own but am able to ask for help when I need it.

When you answer "Yes" to all these questions, you will be ready for online learning.