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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Dance Audition Guidelines

What to Expect on Audition Day

Print-friendly version of the Dance Audition Guidelines (pdf)

  • On-campus audition day activities typically last from 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Plan to spend your day on campus.
  • The audition is a class setting in which applicants demonstrate their ability in ballet, jazz and modern dance.
  • Solo variations are not accepted.
  • Parents are NOT permitted to observe the audition class.
  • A campus tour and a Q&A session are included as part of the on-campus audition activities.
  • Approximate times and locations will be emailed to you prior to your audition date.

What to Bring to Your Audition

  • Performance / training resume
  • Headshot (should not exceed 8x10 in size)
  • Full-body photograph (see requirements below)

Do NOT send these materials prior to your audition. All materials submitted to Point Park University are NON-RETURNABLE.

Photograph Requirements

  • Female Candidates:
    • Photographs should be taken in first arabesque position.
    • Candidates interested in the ballet concentration should be on pointe.
    • Candidates interested in the jazz or modern concentrations should be on relevé.
    • Long hair should be secured in a bun.
    • Candidates should be dressed in a leotard and tights.
    • Photographs should not exceed 8x10 in size.
  • Male Candidates:
    • Photographs should be taken in first arabesque position.
    • Candidates should be dressed in full-length black tights, white shirt and black shoes.
    • Photographs should not exceed 8x10 in size.

Audition Attire

  • Female: Black leotard and pink tights.
  • Male: Black tights and a white T-shirt.
  • Modern Audition: Footless tights are required.
  • Ballet Audition: Ballet slippers are required. Female students auditioning for ballet are required to bring pointe shoes.
  • Jazz Audition: Jazz shoes are optional.

Training Prior to the Audition

Dancers should currently be training at least 10 hours per week for a minimum of three years and must have a working knowledge and understanding of the following principals:

  • Proper placement
  • Coordination and épaulement
  • Weight shifting
  • Adaptability
  • Musicality

Applicants should be proficient in their chosen concentration and have working knowledge in the other two areas.

Audition Decisions

Admittance into the Department of Dance is based on talent and potential as demonstrated in the audition. Applicants must be academically and artistically admitted into Point Park. Applicants WILL NOT receive their artistic decision until they have received an academic decision from the Office of Admissions. Once the academic decision has been processed, artistic results will be sent out. 

Applicants who audition before Dec. 31, 2017 will receive their artistic decision mid-January. 

Applicants who audition between Jan. 1 and March 2018 will receive their artistic decision mid-March. Candidates will be notified both by email and letter.

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 students will be notified regarding artistic admittance into the dance program. Once admitted into the dance program, students may self-select to pursue either the B.A. or B.F.A. in dance track.

Directions to Point Park and Hotel Accommodations

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Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions, please read our frequently asked questions or contact the Conservatory of Performing Arts at (412) 392-3451 or via e-mail at conservatory@pointpark.edu. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST.