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School of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Undergrad Alumni Success Stories

Meet our School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Alumni

In the profiles featured below, meet alumni from Point Park University's undergraduate programs in the Departments of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Literary ArtsNatural Sciences, Engineering and Engineering Technology and Psychology

These School of Arts and Sciences alums discuss why they chose Point Park and talk about their experiences with course work, class sizes, faculty and student interaction, campus life and how their bachelor's degree has helped them reach success in their career fields.

Pictured is Nicole Miller, civil engineering technology alumna and civil associate for Michael Baker International. | Photo submitted by Miller

Nicole Miller

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2014
Civil Associate II, Michael Baker International 

"The civil engineering technology program at Point Park was a perfect fit for my work schedule. A lot of my coworkers had graduated from Point Park and had great things to say about the program. I also liked that there were a lot of hands-on learning opportunities in the program, which have been very useful when practicing civil engineering in the real world."

Pictured is Angel Melendez, electrical engineering technology alumnus and service engineer for IMS Systems, Inc. | Photo by Scott Gasbarro

Angel Melendez

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2017
Service Engineer, IMS Systems, Inc.

"It was an easy choice for me. Point Park offered me a baseball scholarship, the campus is located in the heart of the City of Pittsburgh and the University has a good science and engineering department."

Pictured is political science alumnus Anthony Costulas, program analyst for the U.S. Government Accountability Office. | Photo by Nicollette Costulas

Anthony Costulas

B.A. in Political Science, 2012 
Program Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office

"Today, I work directly for Congress, and classes such as Constitutional Law and various American government courses I took while at Point Park helped provide me with tools that I use today while preparing for tasks such as briefing congressional staff."

Pictured is education alumna Dominique Furrowh. | Photo by Deondre Jones

Dominique Furrowh

B.A. in Pre-K through Fourth Grade Education with Special Education certification in Pre-K through Eighth Grade, 2017
Offered teaching positions in Florida, Maryland and Virginia

"Point Park helped me land these offers by preparing me both inside and outside of the classroom. Through classes, my professors shared their real-world experience and helped me get into schools early on to gain teaching practice. Also, I was part of an awesome Future Educators of America Club. Lastly, our amazing Career Development Center and faculty reviewed my resume many times until it was just right. They also supported me at the PERC Job Fair, where I received these job offers."

Pictured is Nina DelPrato, liberal studies alumna and program assistant for Amizade. | Photo by Arthur Alexander

Nina DelPrato

B.A. in Liberal Studies, 2016
Program Assistant, Amizade 

"My professors in the global cultural studies program always encouraged critical thinking regarding social and economic disparity. They provided us with a background on how hundreds of years of systemic racism, classism and sexism shape the increasingly global world that we live in today."

Pictured is Laier-Rayshon Smith, political science graduate and fellow for CORO Pittsburgh. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Laier-Rayshon Smith

B.A. in Political Science, 2015
Coro Fellow in Public Affairs, Coro Pittsburgh

"Throughout my political science classes, and some of my history classes, we considered the actions, personalities and effectiveness of individuals or groups as they attempted to make an impactful influence in communities, pass legislation or ignite a movement. As a Coro Fellow, I constantly think about this because we are trying to make impactful differences in Pittsburgh and we can only do this by building inclusive relationships in the city."

Pictured is Chivas Whipple, a liberal studies alumnus, veteran and assistant mens basketball coach for Westminster College. | Photo by Tiffany Jackson

Chivas Whipple

B.A. in Liberal Studies, 2010
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Westminster College

"The University was very understanding of me wanting to continue my education as a veteran. I also chose Point Park because it was very diverse and it allowed all people from all different walks of life to thrive in a comfortable environment."

Pictured is Courtney Mahronich, political science and M.S. in environmental studies alumna and director of development for Friends of the Riverfront. | Photo by Olivia Ruk

Courtney Mahronich

B.A. in Political Science, 2011
Director of Trail Development, Friends of the Riverfront

"My studies at Point Park have helped me greatly in this role. My classes in political science have helped me with working with municipalities, county government and state agencies. All of my professors had life experiences to share with their students."

Pictured is Ryan Howley, intelligence and national security alumnus and facility securities officer for Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute. | Photo by Alan Myers

Ryan Howley

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2014
Facility Securities Officer, Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University

"Having lived in Pittsburgh for most of my life, I love the city with all my heart. I had been considering a few other schools for their criminal justice programs, but when I found out about Point Park and its intelligence and national security program, I knew it was the school for me."

Pictured is psychology alumna Kerry Glova, a graduate student who works for The Academy Schools, City Parks Alliance/RAND Corporation and Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Kerry Glova

B.A. in Psychology, 2015
Graduate Student, Weekend Activities Coordinator, Data Collector and Quality Improvement Intern
University of Pittsburgh, The Academy Schools, City Parks Alliance/RAND Corporation and Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc.

"The research and writing I did at Point Park really benefited me, along with the support and guidance I received from faculty in the Department of Humanities and Human Sciences. Also, my behavioral science courses with Dr. Sarah Schulz taught me a lot about social work and encouraged me to pursue jobs in this field."

Pictured is Taylor Goska, psychology and dance alumna of Point Park and Baltimore area dance teacher and job coach. | Photo by Sarah Koch

Taylor Goska

B.A. in Psychology and Dance, 2015
Job Coach, Jewish Community Services of Greater Baltimore
Dance Teacher, Bel Air Dance Academy and Supernova Dance Company

"I have many great memories of my four years at Point Park. I enjoyed performing in dance shows and have great memories of the classes I took at Point Park. I really value all the friendships I made with my fellow students throughout the years. Also, I had some great professors in both psychology and dance who were truly passionate about what they were teaching me."

Pictured is Scott Manns, elementary education alumnus and K-12 curriculum, instruction and assessment coordinator for Pittsburgh Public Schools. | Photo by Amy Manns

Scott Manns

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2002
K-12 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Coordinator, Pittsburgh Public Schools

"My elementary education degree from Point Park University gave me the foundation for a wonderful career in education. The applicable lessons I learned as a student at Point Park contributed to my future success in education as a teacher’s aide, a teacher, a principal and eventually, an administrator for the second largest school district in Pennsylvania."

Pictured is Casy Stelitano, global cultural studies alumna and fellow for PULSE Pittsburgh. | Photo by Laura Frost, Ph.D.

Casy Stelitano

B.A. in Global Cultural Studies, 2014
Program Coordinator, Pittsburghers for Public Transit - fellowship through PULSE Pittsburgh

"I think the critical thinking skills and eagerness to fight for social justice issues that I developed during my time as a global cultural studies major really helped me land this fellowship. The GCS professors teach you how to ask the hard questions, combat societal injustices and relate personal struggles to social issues."

Pictured is JoAnn McDaniel-Chinn, 2013 M.S. in criminal justice administration and 2010 B.S. in criminal justice alumna. | Photo by Noelle Pottinger

JoAnn McDaniel-Chinn

B.S. in Criminal Justice, 2010
Corporate Compliance Manager, MDLIVE, Inc.

"I would like to say thank you to every professor who taught me throughout the years. I utilize the knowledge I gained at Point Park every day and try to help others along the way. " 

Pictured is Rick Moody, English and criminal justice administration alumnus and clinical outpatient supervisor for Pittsburgh Mercy. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

Rick Moody

B.A. in English, 2005
Clinical Outpatient Supervisor, Pittsburgh Mercy

"My undergraduate degree in English has allowed my business communications to flourish and given me an edge in writing reports and medical records. It has also helped me stay cognizant of cultural inclusion and different humanistic angles to approach my tasks with on a daily basis." 

Pictured is Chad Anderson, 2015 electrical engineering technology alumnus and engineer for General Dynamics Electric Boat. | Photo by Celeste McGrady

Chad Anderson

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2015
Engineer I, General Dynamics Electric Boat

"The classes introduced me to a wide variety of topics in the engineering field. My job has me working on various systems so being versatile is a must. Working in a group environment on projects and lab assignments helped prepare me for working within my engineering group." 

Pictured is Julianna Bagwell, 2013 creative writing/English alumna and lifestyle editor for LOCALpittsburgh. | Photo by Chris Squier

Julianna Bagwell

B.A. in Creative Writing/English, 2013
Lifestyle Editor, LOCALpittsburgh and Freelance Writer, Thrillist

"I decided to transfer to Point Park when they offered me an amazing financial aid package that included departmental scholarships. I’ve grown to love Pittsburgh and Point Park is responsible for bringing me to the city that I now call home." 

Pictured is Katelyn Cordido Reese, a 2015 instructional studies alumna and agent for New York Life. | Photo by Sydney Darrin

Katelyn Cordido Reese

B.A. in Instructional Studies, 2015
Agent, New York Life

"I chose Point Park for both the academic and athletic programs, the urban campus which guarantees endless possibilities, the intimate classroom settings and the University's overall welcoming environment." 

Pictured is Robert Michael, a 2014 secondary education English/special education alumnus. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Robert Michael

B.A. in Secondary Education English and Special Education, 2014
English/Special Education Teacher, Moon Area High School

"Point Park set me up for success in the real world. Other universities just hand students a book saying, “Okay, now answer the questions and take the test.” That’s not how adults learn. What makes Point Park’s education department unique is that the professors deliver the content and then help the students determine what they need to know." 

Pictured is Colston Cooper, a 2015 civil engineering technology graduate and engineering technician for Murray Associates, Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Colston Cooper

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2015
Engineering Technician, Murray Associates, Inc.

"I might not be in my current position if I had not made strong connections with my classmates and my advisor. They knew that I was a hard worker and a determined person so they were ready to recommend me when employers came looking for job candidates." 

Pictured is Haleigh Kopinski, 2015 Creative writing/English alumna and e-commerce online content coordinator for Dick's Sporting Goods. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Haleigh Kopinski

B.A. in Creative Writing/English, 2015
E-Commerce Content Coordinator, Dick's Sporting Goods

"The unique environment and surroundings, mixed with the diverse people and awesome professors, made my Point Park experience one that helped me — and will continue to help me — in the long run." 

Pictured is Ashleigh Henry, a 2010 political science alumna and staff attorney for the Ohio Board of Regents. | Photo submitted by Henry

Ashleigh Henry

B.A. in Political Science, 2010
Staff Attorney, Ohio Board of Regents

"I chose Point Park because it was immersed in Downtown Pittsburgh, but it wasn't intimidating as other campuses. What also attracted me was that the professors had real-life experience in the subject matter, which was really important to me." 

Pictured is Michelle Loeffler, electrical engineering technology alumna and senior project engineer for Intertek Inc. | Photo by Barbara Blossom

Michelle Choo Loeffler

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2008
Senior Project Engineer, Intertek USA

"I heard that Point Park accepted most credits from community colleges and Dr. Keller was highly recommended by my colleagues. Also, the fact that Point Park’s engineering technology programs are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET influenced my decision."  

Pictured is Daniel Mikulan, a veteran, 2013 intelligence and national security alumnus of Point Park and a cyber intrusion analyst for PNC. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Daniel Mikulan

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2013
Cyber Intrusion Analyst, PNC Financial Services

"Career advancement was the most important factor in choosing Point Park's intelligence and national security program … After five back-to-back tours in Iraq, it was a somewhat difficult transition for me going from the field to the classroom. I had gained a great amount of experience but I eventually saw myself hitting a wall. I absolutely needed an education to match my years of experience."  

Pictured is Ian Lupo, 2014 electrical engineering technology alumnus and electrical engineer for Industrial Scientific Corporation. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Ian Lupo

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2014
Electrical Engineer, Industrial Scientific Corporation

"I chose Point Park for its accredited electrical engineering technology program and convenient class schedule. It was important for me to be able to get into a classroom and do some hands-on learning."

Pictured is Breigh Svonavec, a 2008 Point Park education alumna and sixth grade English teacher for Somerset Area School District. | Photo by Sheena Zolla

Breigh Svonavec

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2008
Sixth Grade English Teacher, Somerset Area School District

"I selected Point Park for its education department’s outstanding reputation in addition to having an opportunity to attend college in the heart of Pittsburgh, my favorite city. Receiving the University's presidential scholarship also aided in my decision to attend."

Pictured is Simon Huff, a 2010 English alumnus and high school teacher in Goodnews Bay, Alaska. | Photo by Christina Huff

Simon Huff

B.A. in English, 2010
High School Generalist Teacher, Lower Kuskokwim School District

"I chose Point Park as an undergraduate student for its generous scholarships, campus location in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh and intimate class settings."

Pictured is Amanda Trainor, elementary education alumna and English as a Second Language elementary teacher at Chartiers Valley. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Amanda Trainor

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2011
English as a Second Language Specialist, D.C. Chartiers Valley School District

"Point Park’s education professors really care about their students. Because the class sizes are smaller, they get to know you on a personal level and are there to help you out. For me, it was very helpful that the professors were flexible with my soccer schedule."

Pictured is 2010 education alumnus Michael Suppa, literacy intervention/science teacher at D.C. Prep Academy. | Photo submitted by Suppa

Michael Suppa

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2010
Literacy Intervention/Science Teacher, D.C. Preparatory Academy

"My teaching career has been fast tracked largely because of the quality of the education program at Point Park University … Not many people can hit the ground running on their first day in the real world. Point Park made sure I was ready to do so."

Pictured is alumna Alicia Lyons. Photo | Christopher Rolinson

Alicia Lyons

B.A. in Secondary Education (Mass Communication/English), 2013
Communications Teacher, Belle Vernon High School

"I love everything about broadcasting and video production but what I love more is being able to teach those skills to kids. In doing so, i have the best of both worlds and gain so much fullfillment in working with kids every day."

Pictured is Brandy Miller, 2013 civil engineering technology alumna and civil engineer trainee for PennDOT. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Brandy Miller

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2013
Civil Engineer Trainee, PennDOT Engineering District 11

"Point Park University provided high quality classes and instruction, and the best schedule for a working woman with a family. I also heard previous to starting at Point Park that the professors had worked in the industry and offered students valuable information for the real world. Additionally, Point Park accepted a majority of my credits from CCAC and has highly knowledgeable staff in the administration offices."

Pictured is Barbara Arroyo, an investigator for the City of Pittsburgh, who earned her B.S. in intelligence and national security and her M.S. in criminal justice administration, both from Point Park. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Barbara Arroyo

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2010
Investigator, City of Pittsburgh Office of Municipal Investigations

"Point Park helped pave the way for me to be in the position I am in now with the City of Pittsburgh. It’s a very close-knit community at Point Park, almost like family. I never felt like just a number. Everybody always knew you by name. To be honest, the experiences I had at Point Park couldn’t have been replicated anywhere else. I got the individual education I needed."

Pictured is Melissa Ferraro, B.A. in behavioral science alumna and development director for Sisters Place, Inc. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Melissa Ferraro

B.A. in Behavioral Science, 2011
Development Director, Sisters Place, Inc.

"Point Park offers such great opportunities in the center of the city, particularly if you work or live Downtown. But even if you don’t, you can easily commute to campus from the suburbs. Point Park is a great educational community to be a part of and I’m proud to share my experience. I found the right programs and the right school. Point Park was a good match for me."

Pictured is Justin Morgan, a secondary education alumnus and English teacher at Central Catholic High School. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Justin Morgan

B.A. in Secondary Education/English, 2010
English Teacher, Central Catholic High School

"The rigorous education program and the individual attention from the faculty at Point Park truly helped me achieve my education goals. The professors are very motivational and are able to individualize their support and instruction to the needs of the students."

Pictured is Jonathan MacDonald, Point Park secondary education alumnus and English teacher at Oakland Catholic High School. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Jonathan MacDonald

B.A. in Secondary Education/English, 2008
English Teacher and Forensics Coach, Oakland Catholic High School

"I liked the environment of the campus. As a commuter student, I felt that the campus was easy to get to and offered a wide variety of opportunities and activities for all students. Additionally, the class sizes were just the right size — I liked being able to establish relationships with my fellow classmates and the feeling of camaraderie we shared within our classes with our professors."

Pictured is Daniel Pomposelli, Point Park education alumnus and middle school business and math teacher for North Allegheny School District. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Daniel Pomposelli

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2007
Business and Math Teacher, Carson Middle School, North Allegheny School District

"Whether I was playing baseball or learning in the classroom, I will never forget the awesome personal relationships I formed at Point Park. The faculty treated you like a real person and always had your back. I’m not sure I would have had that kind of experience at a bigger school."

Pictured is Kayla Holjencin, 2009 secondary education alumna and English Teacher at Pittsburgh Taylor Allderdice High School. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Kayla Holjencin

B.S. in Secondary Education English, 2009
English Teacher, Pittsburgh Taylor Allderdice High School

"I wanted to find an urban campus that offered access to successful professionals from the education field. When I visited Point Park for an open house, I fell in love with it because it is in the center of the city. My parents said, 'We can see you here.'"

Pictured is Phylicia Joy, a Point Park secondary education alumna and high school math teacher. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Phylicia Joy

B.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics, 2012
Mathematics Teacher, Crestview High School

"Point Park offered small classes and opportunity. After receiving the Presidential Scholarship, it was clear that I was meant to be at Point Park. If I could do it all over again, I would still attend Point Park for my undergraduate degree. Point Park gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my chosen career field."

Pictured is Alexa Tokarski, an English teacher at Pittsburgh Perry High School and a Point Park secondary education alumna and educational administration graduate student. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Alexa Tokarski

B.A. in Secondary Education English, 2010
Pursuing M.A. in Educational Administration
English Teacher, Pittsburgh Perry High School

"I really enjoyed earning my bachelor’s degree at Point Park. Plus, I heard the University offered great master’s programs so I figured it made sense to continue on here. I passed my principal boards this past spring and feel that Point Park really prepared me for the test. 'The Principalship' class I took was especially helpful. It went over everything you need to be an effective leader in a school."

Pictured is 2013 biotechnology alumnus and chemical laboratory technician for Ashland Inc. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Leroy Headen

B.S. in Biotechnology, 2013
Chemical Laboratory Technician, Ashland Inc.

"I love science and a degree in biotechnology offered me an excellent opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a scientist. This degree has courses in biology, chemistry and genetics. That diverse combination of scientific disciplines qualifies me to work in a wide variety of fields with high earning potential."

Pictured is Melissa Bender, psychology alumna, occupational therapist, yoga instructor and fitness blogger. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Melissa Bender

B.A. in Psychology, 2007
Occupational Therapist, Masonic Village of Sewickley

"When I graduated from Point Park one of my goals was to utilize my psychology degree to open my own life coaching business. I have since expanded on that idea, as my dream is to create a functional, occupational therapy-based approach to helping others achieve happiness and wellness in their lives. Wherever my path may take me I know that Point Park helped provide many of the skills I am using to carve my way."

Pictured is Emily Petsko, a 2013 journalism and global cultural studies alumna who landed a job as a staff writer at the Observer-Reporter. | Photo by Jim McNutt

Emily Petsko

B.A. in Global Cultural Studies and Journalism, 2013
Staff Writer, Washington Observer-Reporter

"I’ve always wanted to be a writer of sorts, and I also sought a career where I could inspire positive change, so journalism seemed like the best of both worlds. I stumbled into global cultural studies when I took a modern language elective taught by Professor Channa Newman, Ph.D. and immediately loved it. Every class in the program was so thought provoking, and I knew it would help me become a more globally aware reporter."

Pictured is criminal justice alumna Taneka Davis. Davis is working as a adult probation officer in Arizona. | Photo submitted by Davis.

Taneka Davis

B.S. in Criminal Justice, 2010
Adult Probation Officer, The Judicial Branch of Arizona - Maricopa County

"I enjoyed the talented professors at Point Park and how they were willing to help you with projects and took on a true hands-on approach. They were very nurturing so you never felt like you were just a number in a classroom."

Pictured is Dilworth Elementary science teacher and Point Park elementary education alumnus Clifford Perkins. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Clifford Perkins

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2009
Science Teacher, Dilworth Elementary

"Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a paraprofessional in the classroom and always said to myself 'I can lead a classroom. I can do that.' Managing a classroom is not as easy as some people might perceive it but the effort is well worth it. Becoming a teacher was one of the best things that ever happened to me."

Pictured is English alumna and attorney Elizabeth Soucek. | Photo submitted by Elizabeth Soucek.

Elizabeth Soucek, Esquire

B.A. in English, 2007
Attorney, Sergovic, Carmean & Weidman, P.A.

"Point Park gave me a solid foundation to build upon when I went to law school. I learned how to develop a study schedule and stick to it, which was invaluable later on. The rigor of the Honors Program in particular prepared me for law school, and for the commitment to academics necessary to be successful in my field."

Pictured is intelligence and national security alumnus Jeffrey Gurski.

Jeffrey Gurski

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2012
Working within the National Intelligence Community

"When I came upon the intelligence and national security program at Point Park and looked at the courses I needed to take, I was sold. It was the only way I would leave the Marines and go to school. I have a deep passion for the field."

Pictured is elementary education alumna Michelle Graham. Michelle Graham

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2009
Third Grade ELA Teacher and Clinical Resident Instructor, Pittsburgh King Pre-K through 8th grade

"Point Park’s education professors are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, amiable and extremely responsive to student needs. They know what skills are necessary for 21st century educators and mold each student individually to ensure they have attained those skills."

Pictured is global cultural studies alumnus Eric Probola.

Eric Probola

B.A. in Global Cultural Studies, 2010
Administrative Assistant to Community Planning, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

"The staff at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh liked that I had a degree in global cultural studies since they do a lot of work overseas.  My work-study job with Point Park’s Office of International Student Services also played a role in helping me to land the job."

Pictured is electrical engineering technology alumnus Arthur Chileshe.

Arthur Chileshe

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2007
Distribution Designer, Duquesne Light Company

"Funny enough, one of my best experiences during my undergraduate studies was when my classmates and I would be in the labs until 9 or 10 p.m. at night trying to figure out how to solve a problem. We had great relationships with our professors who took the time to explain difficult concepts to us but also made the classes fun."

Pictured is biological sciences alumna Michelle Guaragno.

Michelle Guaragno

B.S. in Biological Sciences, 2010
Co-founder of Marelle, LLC and M.B.A. Graduate Student at Point Park University

"I loved the science program at Point Park. I couldn’t have asked for better professors. I liked going to a smaller school because I have been able to develop professional relationships with the faculty that I don’t feel I would have been able to do at a larger school. The faculty members have a passion for education and their passion permeated to me."

Pictured is secondary education English alumnus Gary Smith.

Gary Smith

B.A. in English and Secondary Education, 2001
English Teacher, South Fayette High School

"The education program was excellent; I had a wide array of classes that focused on both the theory and practicality of teaching, and my professors were so diverse that I was able to begin to see my future career from many different angles and consider what it truly meant to be a teacher."

Pictured is psychology alumna Veronika Panagiotou.

Veronika Panagiotou

B.A. in Psychology, 2011
Graduate Student in Applied Developmental Psychology, The University of Pittsburgh

“My graduate advisor at Pitt was really impressed with my academic background and the practical experiences I gained at Point Park. Like Point Park, Pitt’s psychology program also teaches qualitative research methods.  Not many college programs teach this more humanistic style of research."

Pictured is mechanical engineering technology alumnus Alan Young.

Alan Young

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2012
Pipeline Integrity Engineer, Det Norske Veritas

"Point Park was integral in helping me land my dream job with a really dynamic company. With the solid mechanical engineering education I received, I was a competitive player in a very tight job market."

Pictured is English alumna Amanda Morris.

Amanda Lynch Morris, Ph.D.

B.A. in English, 1997
Assistant Professor and Director of the University Writing Program, Kutztown University

"I would not have thrived at a huge, four-year research school. There were schedules at Point Park, but the professors and the small class size provided one-on-one attention."

Pictured is mechanical engineering technology alumnus Robert Fausnaught.

Rob Fausnaught

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2011
Automation Engineer, Eaton Corporation

"I knew that Point Park had a reputable engineering program that caters to non-traditional students like myself.  The wide variety of courses available in the evenings, along with the convenient location made the decision pretty easy."

Pictured is elementary education alumna Jasmin Hain. Jasmin Hain

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2012
Fourth Grade Teacher, West Elementary School in Arcadia, Fla.

"I liked Point Park’s small, intimate classes and the personable professors. I’m glad I stayed because I gained a lot of unique experiences at Point Park."

Pictured is civil engineering technology alumnus Graham Ferry.

Graham Ferry

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2002
Civil Engineering Project Manager, L.R. Kimball

"I chose Point Park for a number of reasons. I found the class sizes and student-to-faculty ratios to be very attractive. I knew that I would have easy access to my professors and that I would continue to see a lot of familiar faces as I navigated my way towards my degrees."

Pictured is criminal justice alumna Amanda Heinbaugh.

Amanda Heinbaugh

B.S. in Criminal Justice , 2012
Graduate Student in Public Affairs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"I transferred to Point Park because the previous two schools I attended were not for me. I felt Point Park had more to offer in its criminal justice program and I had heard that the faculty did not just teach from the book but openly shared their experiences in the field with students."

Pictured is behavioral sciences alum Anthony Sanchez.

Anthony Sanchez

B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, 1982
Attorney, Andrews and Price

"The small classes and personal attention from professors were important to me. I first began to see myself as someone that could succeed professionally because of the encouragement of some of my professors.  I also learned a great deal from many friends that attended Point Park."

Pictured is elementary education alumna Kelly Cortazzo.

Kelly Cortazzo

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2012
Kindergarten Teacher, West Elementary School in Arcadia, Fla.

"Nothing can prepare you for the 'real world' completely but Point Park did a great job of giving me an educational background that made me feel confident about my level of knowledge and experience when I entered my career. The level of field experience I gained at Point Park gave me an excellent view on how various educational systems operate."

Pictured is psychology alumnus Dr. Nick Williams.

Nick Williams, Ph.D.

B.A. in Psychology, 1998
Program Director, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

“The humanistic perspective taught me that psychology is at the heart of all inquiry, whether it’s in the natural sciences, computer science, social sciences and so on. Being at Point Park was great. I got exactly the kind of exposure to psychology that I needed to get."

Pictured is civil engineering technology alumnus Chas Ainsworth.

Chas Ainsworth

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2006
Facility Project Management Engineer, FedEx Ground

"My parents always pushed education as a key to success. I chose to study civil engineering technology at Point Park based on its diverse student population, transfer credit acceptance, flexible class schedule and student-to-instructor ratio."

Pictured is global cultural studies alumna Julia Franzen.

Julia Franzen

B.A. in Global Cultural Studies, 2011
Logistics Coordinator, Back to the Roots

“I was so blessed at Point Park to have such stellar professors. They taught me to see the world through many different lenses and fostered in me a hunger for knowledge and truth. GCS opens a lot of doors. My educational background has given me a bigger vision for life than I could have ever imagined.  The global cultural studies degree has equipped me not just for my job, but for life."

Pictured is electrical engineering technology alumnus Joseph Reutzal.

Joseph Reutzal

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2005
Product Safety Engineer, Anasaldo STS

“I chose Point Park because of the smaller class size and because they offered me scholarships.  Also, they had a transfer agreement that ensured that all the course work I took at community college would apply to my degree. I really loved Point Park. The hands-on training I got was very impressive."

Pictured is psychology alumna Dr. Marcia Sturdivant.

Marcia Sturdivant, Ph.D.

B.A. in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 1 978
Deputy Director, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families

"I liked that Point Park offered small class sizes where you can get one-on-one attention.  Also, there was just something about the atmosphere at Point Park that intrigued me. It was such an inviting, friendly environment and had a real 'family feel' to it."

Pictured is electrical engineering technology alumnus Vasilii Savtchouk.

Vasilii Savtchouk

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, 2011
Electrical Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Company

"My veteran benefits allowed me to go to any school of my choice as long as I completed a degree within 48 months. The small class sizes at Point Park really appealed to me.  I was impressed with the faculty-to-student ratio and how 12 is the maximum number of students in an engineering technology class.  I wanted to get the most out of my education and know what I needed to know."

Pictured is elementary education alumna Elisabeth Jensen.

Elisabeth Jensen

B.A. in Elementary Education, 2012
Third Grade Teacher, West Elementary School in Arcadia, Fla.

"I am so thankful to professors like Dr. Suzanne Miller and Dr. Christal Chaney. They both gave me a practical look into education and allowed for first-hand experiences in their classes. Their knowledge was irreplaceable and they were both great inspirations. Another fantastic component of my education was my student teaching experience."

Pictured is civil engineering technology alumna Nicole Perry.

Nicole Perry

B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, 2008
Civil Engineer Supervisor, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

"Point Park has prepared me for my career in many ways. One way is that Point Park taught me the basic fundamentals in the field of civil engineering. Attending college while working full time taught me useful time management skills. Without these skills, I would not survive in the fast-paced industry of civil engineering."