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School of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies



If you have a passion for the law, choose a program that will do it justice.

You could stand for law and order, fight international terrorism, or work inside a forensic lab. With so many avenues of service, which path will you choose?

The criminal justice and intelligence studies majors attract a certain kind of student. You're protective by nature and believe strongly in our nation and the rule of law. You have a strategic mind and can strategize and develop plans of attack. You'll dig for answers until you uncover the truth.  And you want to solve the unsolvable. if any of this strikes a chord, you may want to investigate further.

Criminal Justice

You’ll learn how justice is delivered and assured for all from arrest through due process, incarceration and release. In our criminal justice programs, you will study history, political science, sociology, behavioral science, public administration, law and natural sciences to gain a true understanding of the criminal justice system and the political and social environment in which it operates. 

Being in Downtown Pittsburgh, you'll have the opportunity to walk to nearby internships, which include local, state and county police and sheriff's departments, corrections and probation offices.

Forensic Science

The truth will set you free...but scientific evidence is crucial. Arson or misfortune? Murder or accident? Innocent or guilty? In forensic science you will use chemistry, biology, math and analytical skills to unlock the truth from the physical evidence. 

Intelligence and National Security

Confronting global terrorism and protecting our homeland is an honorable mission, and an admirable profession. Point Park’s intelligence and national security program is multi-tiered and includes certificate and bachelor's degree programs as well as a post-bachelor's program. It’s the education you need to enter, or advance, your career protecting U.S. citizens and our way of life.

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