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Master's Degree in Intelligence and Global Security


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Master Your Knowledge of Intelligence, Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism

Point Park University is the only institution in the Pittsburgh region to offer a Master of Arts degree in intelligence and global security, designed for individuals seeking employment or promotion within the U.S. intelligence community or non-government intelligence and global security entities.

This master's program is unique because it concentrates on the collection — and implementation — of intelligence data to solve problems, provide protection and create policies.

Objectives for Intelligence and Global Security Program

Upon completion of the Master of Arts degree in intelligence and global security, graduates will be qualified to:

  • Evaluate the evolution, functions and capabilities of the combined intelligence community
  • Analyze the structure, functions, capabilities and missions of the 16 agencies that comprise the intelligence community
  • Synthesize the intelligence collection cycle and its development into a target-centric approach for collecting, analyzing and disseminating intelligence to policy makers
  • Compile the primary potentials, confines and measures of tasking human, geospatial and electronic signals for collecting information
  • Compare and contrast traditional and non-traditional menaces to national and international security
  • Examine the threat of cyber-criminal activity and its proliferation on the internet
  • Employ advanced research directed at understanding and predicting international threats and transnational criminal activity

Offered Fully Online or in a Saturday-Only Class Format

Courses in this program are offered fully online or face-to-face on Saturdays in an accelerated format. In the Saturday-only class format, students generally take one class in the morning and in the traditional class format, students take one class in the afternoon. In addition, at least one online course is offered every semester.

Intelligence and Global Security Course Offerings

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Some of the courses offered in the M.A. in intelligence and global security program include:

  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Threat Analysis
  • International Terrorism
  • Cyber Crime Analyses
  • Homeland Security

To learn more, check out the degree requirements and intelligence and global security course descriptions.

Graduation Requirements

After successfully completing all courses with a 3.0 Q.P.A. or better, each student is then required to do a research project. The student must present his or her research findings to the Graduate Review Committee to become eligible for graduation.

Intelligence and Global Security Career Opportunities

The opportunity to advance or land a position in the intelligence and global security field is great. Since 9/11, the intelligence and security profession has grown dramatically, specifically in the areas of terrorism and counter-terrorism studies.

In addition, because federal law mandates retirement at age 57, there is a continuous need for individuals to be educated in the field of global intelligence and security. Between 15,000 and 17,000 security and protection jobs are available each year, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

With a master’s degree in intelligence and global security from Point Park University, you will have the option to pursue various career opportunities within organizations such as:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • National Security Agency
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Pittsburgh Fusion Center
  • Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • International Crime Police Organization (INTERPOL)

Graduate Student Video: Natasha Williams

Learn about Natasha Williams' global security internship with Mylan, Inc., in the video below.