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School of Arts and Sciences

Master's in Adult Learning and Training

Pictured is Kayla Holjencin, secondary education English alumna and teacher at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Pursue a Fully Online Master's Degree in the Growing Field of Adult Education

Today’s workplace encompasses diverse populations of adult learners. As the population of adult learners grows, so too does the need for trained and effective adult education professionals.

Point Park University's fully online Master of Arts in adult learning and training program will prepare you for the challenges of training, teaching and administering programs for many different styles of learning. Additionally, you'll gain advanced professional skills in the areas of adult learning and administration, leadership and program management.

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Faculty in the program

Pictured is Vincenne Revilla-Beltran, Ph.D., professor of education. | Photo by Chris Rolinson
Vincenne Revilla-Beltran, Ph.D., has more than 40 years of experience in education working in various roles.

Pictured is Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., associate professor of education and director of graduate programs.
Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., served as a teacher, principal and executive director in the education field for 35 years.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth for individuals with a master's degree in the field of adult education is projected to grow faster than average (19 percent) through 2022.

Our unique, fully online master's program is designed for educators and other professionals from a wide variety of areas including post-secondary education, nonprofit organizations, corporations, government entities and social service agencies — as well as those seeking employment in the growing field of adult education.

M.A. in Adult Learning and Training Course Offerings

Some of the courses in Point Park's Master of Arts in adult learning and training graduate program include:

  • Issues in Adult Education
  • Administration and Supervision in Adult Education
  • Online Teaching: Design and Delivery
  • Instructional Methods for Adult Learners
  • Human Diversity Issues in Education
  • Research Methods 

To learn more, view the degree requirements.

Adult Learning and Training Program Objectives

  • Analyze the characteristics of diverse populations of adult learners for the purpose of adult education and training;
  • Manage, develop and evaluate human resources in adult education settings across the lifespan of lifelong learners;
  • Design, develop and implement adult learning methods which incorporate technologies and learning theories for use in face-to-face, hybrid and online instruction;
  • Facilitate and evaluate curricula for a variety of content areas that incorporate diverse adult learner populations and settings across the lifespan of the adult lifelong learner;
  • Design, develop and manage adult education learning programs from the needs analysis to the evaluation process;
  • Analyze the settings of adult education and apply program planning models based on contingency variables;
  • Apply andragogical best practices and management/leadership skills from current research to a variety of adult education settings;
  • Design and deliver online course content based on current research based best practices;
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to solve problems in adult education settings; and
  • Apply and incorporate andragogical methods to address the learning needs of diverse adult populations in a variety of educational and training settings.

Career Opportunities in Adult Education

Graduates of the Master of Arts in adult learning and training program will be prepared for employment opportunities in various settings including:

  • College and universities
  • Corporate training centers
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government and social service agencies
  • Technical and trade schools


Courses in our M.A. in adult learning and training graduate program are taught by faculty who have years of real-world experience as teachers, principals, superintendents and other education administrators. 

Tuition Information

For details on Point Park University tuition and fees for 2017-18, please visit our tuition and fees page.