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School of Arts and Sciences

Liberal Studies Major


Pictured are students at the 2016 undergraduate symposium. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

A Four-Year Liberal Arts Program of Interdisciplinary Exploration 

The liberal studies program provide an integrated curriculum for undergraduates with unique goals not necessarily met by more traditional majors. Students synthesize an area of focus out of two or more areas of concentration, and in the spirit of the liberal arts, are exposed to a breadth and depth of research and course work. A program for the individually minded, creative student, it brings together disciplines, integrates inquiry and pioneers academic focus by opening new horizons of thought and understanding.

If you are a student who already knows your field of major concentration, the liberal studies program provides the strong context of the liberal arts that will be a foundation for your degree. If you are still unsure of your area of expertise, this program offers the ability to undertake a wide range of courses that will help decide where your focused interests lie as you advance in making your degree a reality. 

Degrees Offered in Liberal Studies Program

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies through the following formats:

Professional Concentration Options in the Liberal Studies Major

Liberal studies students have the option to choose from any concentration offered by Point Park's expansive curriculum or they can select from one of four professional options:

  • Applied arts
  • International studies
  • Information technology
  • Public administration

Applied Arts

If you can imagine it in the arts, you can do it, and at Point Park University, the rich possibilities of creativity are available to you in the applied arts professional option. Defining the “arts” in broad terms, this concentration is inclusive of all the modes of visual, technological, graphic, instrumental, 3-D and experimental arts — as well as those in mulitimedia and beyond. 

With many possibilities for internships, this creative concentration is true to its title in allowing you to help design the concentration focused on your creative interests. This is a concentration as creative as you are.

International Studies, Information Technology and Public Administration

The remainder of the professional options offer similar unique perspectives on the fields of international studies, information technology and public administration — all set within a unique core curriculum focused on the liberal arts that adds new perspectives to these career choices with a course of study you help define.

Transfer and Non-Traditional Students

The ability to coordinate many areas of study into a concerted and coherent program is often attractive as well to transfer and non-traditional students who have earned a wide range of degree credits across a curriculum. This combination of breadth of study and precision of focus constitutes the heart of both the program and the Point Park University experience.