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Literary Arts



If you’re considering a major in the Department of Literary Arts, chances are no one has ever had to tell you to "use your words." When you turn the first page of a novel or crack open a new journal, you’re almost never at a loss for words. For you, there’s never a “tl;dr” (“too long; didn’t read”). 

Our English and creative writing programs invite you to immerse yourself in ingenuity, creativity and language. You’ll read the classics and study the new generations of writers shaping contemporary literature right now. You can choose to study authors like Toni Morrison or Jeffrey Eugenides in Contemporary Literature, level-up your Shakespeare game or explore new ways of reading in courses such as Literature of the American South or The Lost Generation.

Or you can choose to craft your own fiction, nonfiction and poetry in one of the workshop courses at the heart of our creative writing major. 

Careers in Literary Arts

Literary Arts majors go on to found their own magazines, write content for national websites, publish poems in literary journals and cover their local arts and entertainment scenes as freelance writers. 

So what’s the right answer to everyone’s favorite questions for English and creative writing majors? What are you going to do after you graduate? Use your words and tell them: Whatever I want

Undergraduate Programs

Learn more about the undergraduate majors in the Department of Literary Arts.