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Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Program


Students in a biochemistry class learn under the guidance of Dr. Laura Frost, assistant professor of biology.Professor of Biology Laura Frost, Ph.D., pictured above, is the pre-medical and pre-health program coordinator.

Open to Qualifying Students in All Majors at Point Park University

The pre-medical and pre-health program is an option designed to assist undergraduate students — across all majors at Point Park University — who are interested in pursuing post-graduate studies in the medical field and other related health professions. 

Pictured is premedical and preprofessional services and biological sciences double major Audrey Eisentrout.

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This program builds upon the University's long-standing biological sciences curriculum. Students must apply and be accepted into the pre-medical and pre-health program, and once accepted, must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Benefits of the Pre-Med and Pre-Health Program

Through this program, students have the ability to pursue any undergraduate major of their choice at Point Park University while completing prerequisite courses required for medical, physician assistant, dental, pharmacy, veterinary and other health-related graduate programs.

Other benefits of this program include: 

  • Ability to tailor courses to your career goals
  • Classes taught by experienced faculty who take a personal interest in each and every student 
  • Personalized advising from Program Coordinator Laura Frost, Ph.D., — in addition to receiving academic advising in your major
  • Support and a letter of recommendation from Point Park's pre-med and pre-health committee 
  • Guidance from faculty in completing the graduate school application process
  • Hands-on preparation for the MCAT/GRE and similar exams
  • A certificate of completion upon meeting all requirements of the program

Required Courses to Complete the Program

Below are the required courses to successfully complete Point Park's pre-medical and pre-health program. These are the most common courses required nationwide by medical schools and related programs.

  • 1 year of general biology
  • 1 year of physics with lab
  • 1 year of general chemistry (inorganic chemistry) with lab
  • 1 year of organic chemistry with lab
  • 1 course in calculus or statistics
  • 1 year of English
  • 1 course in sociology
  • 1 course in psychology
  • 1 year of upper-division biology

Affiliation with LECOM

This is the logo for the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

A select group of entering freshmen can begin a formal path toward a professional career in medicine through Point Park's pre-medical and pre-health program, and after being accepted into the University's LECOM affiliate program.

This exclusive program will admit up to five students a year for the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree path and up to five students a year for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree path. 

Learn more about Point Park University's affiliation with LECOM.

Learn More

Visit the pre-med and pre-health FAQs page or contact Laura Frost, Ph.D., program coordinator, at lfrost@pointpark.edu to learn more.