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Core Curriculum

Freshman students took a trip to the Point Park library to learn about information resources available at the University. | Photo by Alexandra Mikula

Point Park University Core Curriculum

The philosophical foundation that supports the implementation of the core curriculum stems directly from the Point Park University mission statement:   

Point Park University educates students in a diverse urban environment and prepares them to apply knowledge to achieve their goals, advance their professions and serve their communities.

Accordingly, the core curriculum has been designed to provide each student with the opportunity to function as a problem solver, an effective researcher and an excellent communicator. The core curriculum builds the foundation of a Point Park education through courses that:

  • Allow students to integrate knowledge and insights from diverse fields.
  • Emphasize the development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills.
  • Emphasize interactive learning: students are encouraged to think independently and to seek creative solutions to intellectual, ethical, and practical challenges.

Thus, the core curriculum serves not only to promote understanding among an increasingly diverse student body but also prepares students to participate responsibly in a democratic society.

Core Learning Outcomes


Employ written and oral communication skills in order to convey clear and organized information to target audiences for specific purposes.


Locate, evaluate and use information effectively, ethically, and legally from a variety of formats both traditional and digital.


Analyze problems and develop independent solutions.


Analyze issues within their political, economic, socio-cultural, historical, and environmental contexts.


Recognize, define, analyze and interpret a variety of aesthetic expressions and/or demonstrate originality and inventiveness.

Core Curriculum Requirements

In accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations and Middle States Commission on Higher Education standards, Point Park's Core Curriculum consists of 42 credits of general education courses designed so that students gain college-level proficiency in communication, critical thinking and technological competency. Freshmen will complete the following three fundamentals courses in their first year.

FUNDAMENTALS (9 credits)

  • UNIV 101:  City-University Life – 1st term freshmen
  • ENGL 101:  College Composition
  • COMM 101: Oral Communication and Presentation


  • One Writing Intensive (WI) course in addition to ENGL 101 OR two Writing Intensive (WI) courses

FOUNDATIONS: Thematic Courses (30 credits)

  • Explore the World 1 
  • Explore the World 2
  • Investigate Science
  • Investigate Math
  • Interpret Creative Works
  • Understand People 1
  • Understand People 2
  • Succeed in Business
  • Appreciate and Apply the Arts
  • Discover Technology

CAPSTONE COURSE: (3 credits)

  • Completed Senior Year