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Group Tours

Portrait of three Point Park students on the skywalk connecting Lawrence and Academic Halls.

Touring a college campus is a great way to encourage student awareness about higher education and the opportunities that are available after high school. At Point Park University, we feel there is no better introduction to college life than to experience it firsthand. Make a reservation to tour our dynamic, urban campus!


  1. Coordinators should contact the office of admissions minimally 30 days prior to desired date of tour and complete the Group Tour Request Form.
  2. Must be at least one adult chaperone to every 10 students.
  3. Group tours will be offered every Monday through Friday based on availability.
  4. Arrival times must be as accurate as possible to ensure a well-rounded experience.
  5. Tours generally take two to three hours, which will include:
    • A guided tour by one of our student tour guides
    • A session with an admissions counselor
    • An appointment with a faculty member (if requested)
    • Lunch in our Lawrence Hall Dining Room

Additional Notes

  1. If you are running late, please call to notify office; otherwise our student tour guide will be released after 20 minutes.
  2. We are currently able to accommodate no more than 50 students; any changes to group sizes should be received 24 hours prior to scheduled tour.
  3. Late arrivals will be accommodated by an abbreviated tour, so that the tour will end at the pre-arranged time.
  4. Cancellations should be made within 48 hours of scheduled tour.
  5. For any questions regarding group tours, please contact:

Group Tour Request Form