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Tuition partnerships and third-party sponsorships

Corporate Reimbursed Tuition Agreement Plan

Point Park University is pleased to offer the Corporate Reimbursed Tuition Agreement Plan for students who are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement from their employers. Learn more about enrolling in corporate reimbursement tuition agreements.

Tuition Discount Programs

Point Park is pleased to offer tuition discounts to select companies and organizations that have established agreements with the University as a benefit to their employees or members. The level of the discount varies according to the agreement in place. Learn more about our tuition discount programs.

Third-party Sponsorships

Third-party payments include arrangements involving the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Administration and direct billings to companies across the country that provide tuition benefits to their employees. For more information, please call Christine Yannick at 412-392-3443 or email at cyannick@pointpark.edu