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HR Management Major Lands Summer Internship With Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pictured is HR management student Lauren Androstic. | Photo by Randall Coleman

Meet Lauren Androstic

Internship: Human Resources Intern for Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute
Major: Human Resource Management
Expected graduation: Spring 2018
College activities: President of the Point Park University Student Human Resource Association
Scholarship from Point Park: Transfer Presidential
Hometown: Scottdale, Pa.
High school: The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
Now living in: South Park, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Volunteering, horses and being outdoors!
LinkedIn: Lauren Androstic

Spring 2018 Update

Lauren landed a full-time internship with PPG as a result of her involvement with Point Park University's HR Partner Program.

"After going through numerous resumes, Lauren's stood out because of her experience and interest in human resources. When we interviewed her, we could see she had a great personality and eagerness to work in HR. She expressed interest in recruiting, but was also interested and eager to learn other aspects of human resources."

-- Jennifer L. Alexander, HR Executive Administrative Assistant, Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute 

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"The main thing that attracted me to Point Park was its location. Being right Downtown provides so many amazing networking opportunities that a lot of other students might miss out on elsewhere. I am steps away from some of the world’s best businesses, people and restaurants."

-- Lauren Androstic

How did you land your internship with Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute?  

I think one of the main factors in landing this internship was having confidence in my knowledge, skills and abilities. I knew going into my interview that I possessed the KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) they needed, and had a firm educational foundation that would enable me to learn quickly.

Laura Dulaney from Point Park's Career Development Center was also a huge help. When I applied for this internship, I was taking Laura’s Portfolio and Career Planning course so I was learning how to polish my resume and cover letter. I also learned vital information on how to prepare for my future career. The Career Development Center is great because there is always someone there to provide you with resources and professional advice.

What attracted you to Point Park University and its HR management major?

The main thing that attracted me to Point Park was its location. Being right Downtown provides so many amazing networking opportunities that a lot of other students might miss out on elsewhere. I am steps away from some of the world’s best businesses, people and restaurants.

Point Park is also known for its co-op program as well as encouraging students to do internships, which has always been extremely important to me. After looking at the required courses for human resource management majors, I knew that an education from Point Park would leave me with a well-rounded education and I would be ready for the real world.

How have your Point Park classes helped you in this internship?  

My Point Park classes have helped me tremendously. Sandra Mervosh is an extremely knowledgeable and caring HR professor in the Rowland School of Business. In her courses, she relates what we are learning to real-world scenarios. Professor Mervosh is someone who cares about her students' success and is always available for HR-related questions or career advice.

Microcomputing I is a class that a lot of HR majors have to take and I did not realize just how beneficial it would be! During the course, we gained a solid foundation in Excel, which is a program I use often in my internship. Without this class, I would have had a hard time picking it up so quickly.

What are you looking forward to most in your upcoming senior year at Point Park?

I am the president of the Point Park Student Human Resource Association so I’m eager to continue planning educational and fun activities for our student body such as the panel discussions we have each semester regarding different aspects of HR and general business. SHRA offers great learning and networking opportunities for HR majors as well as other business majors. I encourage students to join in on the fun!

What are your career goals?

I am so excited to graduate and be able to fully immerse myself in my career as a human resources professional. I plan to remain in the Pittsburgh area and take the test to become a Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional.

Final thoughts? 

I am so blessed to have Point Park as my University. The professors, students and staff truly care about one another and it is a great atmosphere for learning. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my fellow colleagues and me. 


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