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#PointParkWorks: SAEM Junior Lands Royal Service Co-Op With Fairmont Pittsburgh

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pictured is Jaron Andrechak, SAEM major doing a co-op for Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel. | Photo by Nick Koehler

Meet Jaron Andrechak

Co-op: Royal Service Supervisor for Fairmont Pittsburgh
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Expected graduation: Spring 2019
College activities: SAEM Club
Scholarship: Presidential
Hometown: Charleroi, Pa.
High school: Charleroi Area High School
Now living in: Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh
Hobbies/interests: Traveling, concerts and music
LinkedIn: Jaron Andrechak

"I selected Jaron for his eager attitude and professional demeanor. Point Park University has given Jaron the opportunity to work in a diverse atmosphere. This experience has helped him easily adapt to the ever-changing hotel business."

-- Shelley Aikman, Royal Service Manager, Fairmont Pittsburgh

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"The co-op program is an amazing experience to have while in school. It will test your limits, but also will give you the chance to be in the professional atmosphere, with the safety net and support of the faculty here at Point Park."

-- Jaron Andrechak

Tell us about your co-op experience so far with one of Pittsburgh’s top luxury hotels.

My co-op has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Working at one of Pittsburgh’s top hotels has been rewarding in every sense. I have learned so much in three short months. So much knowledge is at my fingertips every day.

Fairmont Raffles Hotels International is an incredible brand to be a part of, with such potential for growth. Since day one, I have never been more impressed with how much an organization cares for its employees. I have been able to learn about all of the different departments, and how each department interacts with one another.

In addition, I was able to join the staff in the midst of a renovation, and see our new restaurant open its doors. Each day provides a new challenge, but also a different reward. I look forward to where this co-op experience will continue to take me.

Why did you choose Point Park University?

I chose Point Park University specifically for the sports, arts and entertainment management program. Point Park is a perfect representation of the City of Pittsburgh; it is growing rapidly, and gaining exposure at an exponential rate.

As far as the SAEM major, you cannot find anything like it at another university. Between national championship sports teams, the historic Cultural District and large-scale entertainment venues, you can get experience from all directions.

To top it off, we have powerhouse faculty with years of experience. They have all of the tools to propel you into a successful career. The difference maker is if you are willing to seek them.

In addition to this co-op, what other career-related experiences have you had as a Point Park student? 

  • Production runner for concerts such as Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry and Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
  • VIP attendant for Coldplay concert
  • Stagehand for Justin Bieber concert
  • VIP Club attendant at KeyBank Pavilion
  • Box office attendant at Highmark Stadium

What advice do you have for our students who are considering a co-op?

The co-op program is an amazing experience to have while in school. I recommend it to those who are willing to put in long days, and shuffle from work mode to school mode effortlessly. It will test your limits, but also will give you the chance to be in the professional atmosphere, with the safety net and support of the faculty here at Point Park.

The faculty have been behind me each step of the way. If any student has the slightest interest in the co-op program, I highly encourage taking action. Co-op experiences will open doors for you after graduation.

What are your career goals?

I can’t say at this moment that I have a specific career goal. My interests are so fluid and ever changing, but I always find myself in the interest of service. Whether it is live entertainment, hospitality or both, I always find myself in front of another person, attempting to give them a great experience. My career goal is to never worry about finding the perfect career. It is to do the best I can with what is in front of me at that point in time.

Photo by Nick Koehler, freshman photography major


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